Yozma Global Offices

The company is to expand Yozma's previous success on a global scale by proactively facilitating cross-border investments in Israel, Singapore, and Korea through discovering and fostering promising start-ups in each space.

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Yozma Group Asia

Yigal Erlich believes Asian market is very attractive region for the global start-up market and looks across to Asia for emerging markets where have growth opportunities.

Yozma Group Korea

Yigal Erlich founded Yozma Group Korea to serve as the hub for Asia region in 2015. Drawing from the Israeli-style incubation system and its global network, the company provides services in all areas, from investment to exit, in order to cultivate exponential growth by helping Korean and Asian companies make headway in the global market.

Yozma Group Korea is checking global technology trends and looking for companies that will succeed by entering overseas markets.

South Korea and Israel will grow explosively when they fill each other’s insufficient parts. Israel can make 0 to 10 and South Korea can build 10 to 100. Israel is a start-up nation, while Korea is a strong nation for scale-up.

Head of Asia Pacific & Managing Partner
Leon Wonjae Lee
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