Industry Focus

Yozma invests primarily in companies in the
fields of Communications, IT and Medical
Emphasis is placed on companies that develop
infrastructure and enabling technologies.

  • Yozma favors :

    Companies that have a depth of technology

  • Yozma favors :

    Entities with a multiple stream of products

  • Yozma favors :

    Companies that place their main target markets outside Israel.

Geographic Focus

  • Focuses on :

    Israeli and Israeli-related companies that target international markets.

  • Focuses on :

    Singapore, Korea, and other Asian companies that target international markets.

Investment Stage and Size

Yozma invests in all stages of company development with a primary focus on early-stage.

Initial individual investments typically range between $1 million and $6 million.
Additional capital is reserved for follow-on investments.

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