Value Added Investments

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Yozma seeks to invest in early-stage companies in which it can create a significant added value.

Yozma aims at taking a lead or co-lead investor position in its portfolio companies, hold seats on their Boards of Directors, and obtain significant minority equity stakes in order to compensate for Yozma’s involvement and contribution.

Yozma works closely with its portfolio companies, assisting them through all stages of development. Every portfolio company has open communication channels with each partner and access to the resources they have to offer, including among others :


Helping the company formulate its business strategy


Introducing the company to Strategic Partners


Connecting the company to leading analysts and Investment Banks


Aiding in hiring/recruiting top level candidates


Assisting the company in opening international offices

On a selective basis, Yozma invests in more mature companies with venture funds are on

Typically, these types of companies require a reduced level of management attention. In all cases, Yozma conducts a substantial due diligence review process prior to investing.

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Investment Process

  • 01

    Once a potential investment is identified, it is reviewed and analyzed by Yozma’s executives.

  • 02

    Opportunities that appear to have a significant potential, proceed to the due diligence stage, which involves extensive analysis of management, markets, business, technology, and competition.

  • 03

    When appropriate, Yozma will use its network of operating companies, Advisory Board members and technology experts to evaluate certain aspects of the business.

Evaluation Criteria for Investment

The target markets are substantial and the business contains the ingredients
necessary to achieve a leading market position.

Management is capable of executing its business plan and possesses the appropriate balance of enterpreneurial and managerial skills.

Technology is widely applicable and has some proprietary characteristics, which can not be easily duplicated by competition.